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Here’s What Made Albert Einstein Different!


We have all heard of Albert Einstein, who is one of the greatest geniuses. But, do you know what made him different and unique? Let us look at some of the major inventions that made him stand out.

What Made Albert Einstein Different

Albert Einstein is rightfully famous for developing his theory of relativity, which transformed our point of view of space, time, gravity, and the universe. Relativity also demonstrated that matter and energy are merely different manifestations of the same substance, which Einstein defined as E=mc2, the most widely recognised equation in history.

It was one of the greatest scientific revolutions in history, drastically altering physicists’ perceptions of space and time. Einstein effectively unified these into a single space-time continuum. One reason we think of space and time as distinct is that they are measured in different units, such as miles and seconds, respectively. However, Einstein demonstrated how they are interchangeable, linked by the speed of light – around 186,000 miles per second.

Relativity is simply one aspect of Einstein’s vast influence. When it came to the physics of atoms, molecules, and light, he was equally imaginative. We can see technological reminders of his brilliance practically everywhere we look nowadays.

Another major discovery of Einstein’s is the famous ‘Quantum Theory of Light.’ Einstein proposed the quantum theory of light, which asserts that light travels in bundles of energy, each of which is known as a photon. Each photon contains an amount of energy equal to the product of its frequency of vibration and Planck’s constant.

Einstein is primarily known for his theory of relativity. He did, however, make significant contributions to the development of quantum mechanical theory. The two cornerstones of modern physics are relativity and quantum mechanics. Many of the modern inventions, such as our phone’s clock and lasers, have become possible because of this genius.

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