My Space Craft

We know, you love crafting and model making using your imagination? Every space mission ever has started with a creative idea about how to explore something in a new way.

With My Space Craft, all India Space Theme Online Crafting and Model Making Competition, we’d like to challenge young explorers to think about and craft a space-themed creation on the given topic. We’ll select a few imaginative “space craft” as winning entries. Exciting, isn’t it?

So, gather your cardboard, papers, clothes, adhesives tape, colors and gums and start thinking space.

Win this All India Space Theme Online Crafting and Model Making Competition, and be a Star on Earth, a small, very small stage in this vast and endless Cosmic arena.

What is My Space Craft?

My Space Craft is an all India space theme online crafting and model making competition.

School/college students across India in all age groups can participate in this competition. You need to create a space craft/model based on the given topic, and upload your space craft’s photos online through

What are the space theme topics for the competition?

You have to choose any one of these topics

  1. Our Solar System
  2. India’s Rocket/Spacecraft

What is the schedule of this competition?
  • The submissions would be accepted till 25th December 2022.
  • The winners shall be declared on 14th January 2023.
What kind of space craft would win?

We’ll select a few imaginative and creative “space craft” as winning entries.

How to take part in the competition?
  • Choose your space craft topic.
  • Gather your cardboard, papers, cloths, adhesive tape, colors, gums, ensembles, art & craft supplies (pencils, markers, crayons, paints – whatever you like to use)
  • Create a wonderful space craft – be as creative, artistic and imaginative as possible. Take help of your parents.
  • There are no guidelines as to size, materials or technicalities. Creative space craft wins!
  • Upload four photos of your space craft online through the submission form on this page – three photos of your space craft in different angles, one photo of participant sitting/standing beside or holding the space craft.
  • After completion of payment, rest assured, your submission is successful. Fingers crossed!
What is the entry fees for the competition?
The entry fees is INR 900 per submission.

The fees is payable online securely with Razorpay partner while submitting your space craft. Your space craft gets submitted only on the completion of the payment of fees.

How many submissions are allowed?

You can submit multiple space craft, but you need a upload as many times, and pay the fees that many times.

What if I would like to modify my submission that I have already submitted?

Once submitted, we do not accept replacements, revokes or exchanges. If you wish to re-submit, it is certainly acceptable & common practice. These submissions will be considered new  entries.

What are the certificates and prizes?

We’ll select a few imaginative “space craft” as winning entries after declaration of results. The winning entries will be featured along with honorable mentions of the participant.

All participants with successful submissions will also receive online participation certificates in PDF format in your email one month after your submission.

Can bulk entries be submitted?
No. We have no provision to accept entries in bulk offline, through email or other channel. All bulk entries need to be submitted one by one through the submission form.
What are the competition terms?

Every participant must read and understand these competition terms. Participants should check with their parent or guardian that they are happy with the competition based on these terms. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of all of these terms by the participants.

  1. The competition is organised by The Space Journal @
  2. The Space Journal reserves the right to make any modification, addition, omission or alteration in the competition.
  3. Entry Fee and Payments made by participants are Non Refundable under any circumstances
  4. All entries received will be the property of The Space Journal. Those will not be returned to participants.
  5. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
  6. All entries shall become the property of The Space Journal upon submission. The Space Journal reserves the right to feature/publish the entries online/print, with proper credit to the participant.
I have a genuine doubt not answered here

If you have any genuine doubt associated with the competition for which you can’t find the answer here, kindly Contact Us.

I am all good to go!

We can’t wait to see your creations!

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