antara Antara Bhoi, Editor-in-chief 

Welcome to my brand new online journal, The Space Journal.

This is my brand new concept, my very own creation, and, undeniably, a big deal to me.

The name of my journal derives from the fact that “space” encompasses everything, without confinement, from outside our Earth to the immeasurable frontiers of the entire Universe. We all live in a universe that begins in the quietest corner of our living room and extends ever outward to its boundaries that are so far away that we can only dream of them in our distant dreams.

I would like to emphasize that the logo of my journal incorporates a planet hosting its moon. It symbolizes that specific connection between the Earth and the Cosmos that represents to us the undeniable link between our home and the latter. The logo represents the main theme of my journal, which has to do with space, planets, astronomy, and space exploration.

There are six prime categories in my journal: Aeronautics, Astronomy, India, Space Exploration, STEM, and The Faces. I have covered the exploration of near to far space, critical space missions, meteorology, astronomy, and the key people behind them (Astronauts, Astronomers, and Scientists) with these categories.

The second direction offers engagement opportunities wherein you can Buy Books and scientific items, ask and discuss space issues, post fun stuff, or even participate in quizzes or attend events.

The subject of space is so important and vast that it is never too early to start learning about it, which is why I am aiming at younger readers. My vision is to create a top-notch professional, scientific, and, at the same time, popular space journal.

Here’s to your reading and engaging experience with The Space Journal. Cheers!