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Throughout the history of humanity, astronomers, space scientists and astronauts have helped us understand what we see in the night sky and what lies far beyond. These famous faces mastered their fields to present space phenomena with varying degrees of accuracy.

People often get confused between the types of these people. Astronomy is a science, astrology isn’t. Every astrophysicist is an astronomer, but not every astronomer is an astrophysicist. And, one has to go higher up than at least 100 km to qualify as an astronaut.

On this category are some of the most famous astronomers, space scientists and astronauts from the earliest days of astronomy through the modern era, and a summary of some of their key achievements.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest physicists and mathematicians of all time, broadened the limits of human intellect and revealed the potential of scientific thinking. Newton was the one who discovered gravity, and he is widely known for this discovery. It is said that a fallen apple...

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Aryabhatta, the greatest mathematician of all time, has several discoveries. He has left a great impact on not only mathematics but also astronomy. Aryabhatta is known for many discoveries but primarily for his book called Aryabhatiya. It is a Sanskrit astronomical book which is the...

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We have all heard of Albert Einstein, who is one of the greatest geniuses. But, do you know what made him different and unique? Let us look at some of the major inventions that made him stand out. What Made Albert Einstein Different Albert Einstein is rightfully famous for developing his...

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Isaac Newton (1642–1726) Newton was a polymath who studied mathematics, optics, physics, and astronomy, among other things. In his 1687 book, titled ‘Principia Mathematica,’ he laid the groundwork for classical mechanics, defining the laws of gravity and motion. Although Newton is highly...

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