The endless expanse of space makes a beautiful, vibrant, mysterious and fascinating subject for photography. Let the photographs be shot by mobile phones or a DSLR, captured by a space telescope or sent by the farthest Voyager spacecraft, they are sure to pop your eyes out.

From the dramatic births and deaths of stars to iconic images of our Earth, from galactic glamour shots to extreme stellar close-ups, from launches and landings to crucial space announcements, this category features some of the most breathtaking and iconic space photographs that have made news across the world.

Earthrise is a picture of Earth taken from the moon overlooking the moon’s surface taken by the astronaut William Anders from lunar orbit on December 24, 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission. Galen Rowell, a nature photographer, addressed the photo as “the most influential...

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What you see right up there is the first image of a real black hole! It was captured in 1974; a big thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope. So far, there have been plenty of strong evidence for black holes: bursts of radiation, gravitational waves, or dynamic impacts on other bodies that...

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