The Space Journal Print Issue 2023

We are looking forward to publishing the inaugural yearly print issue of The Space Journal in January/February 2023.

Our goal in publication of this print issue is to provide a top tier publication platform that features the latest research in the mysterious field of space, and to introduce the journal as the primary outlet for space knowledge in India. The issue would have a definite outreach to space/aerospace companies and institutions in India and abroad, schools and colleges in India and to the people/entities of repute in the field.

We would like to publish articles of relevance written/presented in a creative, innovative and interesting manner that would be in the scope of ‘space’ and that would appeal to the ‘space enthusiastic’ readers. We solicit articles that specifically address an interesting problem in the broader field of Aerospace, Astronomy, Space Exploration, STEM and closely associated fields. Articles submitted to the print issue need to address their discovery, findings, interesting piece of knowledge, a real world problem, your innovative academic project.

We hope you’d be equally excited for our inaugural issue as we are, and we invite contributions from you and your colleagues to get featured in the issue. It would definitely bring you laurels, buildup your resume and make your article reach across.

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