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Airplane Aerodynamics Quiz


Newton’s Law of Gravitation is universal. Airplanes aren’t any exception. They need to act against this law to lift off and fly. And, you need to have exemplary knowledge of Aerodynamics to make them not just fly, but also to take-off and land, to maneuver, to climb, to turn, roll, pitch and yaw to your satisfaction.

Don’t let gravity pull your score of this Airplane Aerodynamics Quiz down!

Which force does NOT act on an aircraft in steady and level flight?

  1. Centrifugal

  2. Thrust

  3. Drag

  4. Weight

In steady and level flight, the four forces are thrust, drag, lift and weight.

It's the angle between the wing chord and the wind direction

  1. Angle of Atitude

  2. Angle of Incidence

  3. Angle of Attack

  4. Angle of Flight

The aircraft 'attacks' the wind at this angle!

In steady and level flight, the sum of forces is zero. The aircraft still moves forward. What is it?

  1. Static Stability

  2. Inertial Stability

  3. Steady Stability

  4. Dynamic Stability

The aircraft is stable in its motion - Dynamic Stability

Retracting landing gears nearing the airframe produce

  1. Induced Drag

  2. Skin Friction Drag

  3. Form Drag

  4. Interference Drag

Interference drag is produced by the mixing of two air streams around two different aircraft surfaces.

Which force makes an aircraft turn?

  1. The Turn-side Component of Lift

  2. Centrifugal Force

  3. The Horizontal Component of Lift

  4. The Vertical Component of Lift

For a aircraft in turn, vertical lift opposes gravity and horizontal lift which opposes inertia. It is the horizontal lift component that assists the aircraft in turning

This type of flow is practically impossible over the aircraft

  1. Viscous FLow

  2. Compressible Flow

  3. Inviscid Flow

  4. Turbulent Flow

Inviscid flow only exists in assumptions

Shocks are feature of what type of flow

  1. Subsonic

  2. Inviscid

  3. Incompressible

  4. Supersonic

Shocks is a feature of flow over Mach 1 (Supersonic flow )

Oops! You need to brush up your Aerodynamics skills

Excellent! You have a good understanding of Aerodynamics

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