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When it comes to the presentation of the wackier ideas what better way is there to express them than memes, jokes, proverbs and puns? Sometimes it feels like the cosmos is playing one big cosmic joke on us. So we decided to dish the cosmos back with hilarious space-themed humor. Funny, isn’t it? Didn’t pass your science subject? Don’t worry, these space jokes are not just comedy for astronomers. The meme language is one that can be understood by anyone on Earth.

Mad-Planet category features a collection of our favorite humor. From Alien-landing conspiracy theories to smoking on the moon, we’ve proved that the best humor can make any rocket science subject funny. Don’t forget to up-vote your favorites!

Have a moment of laughter reading these absolutely hilarious, whacky puns of Earth! May the forest be with you Shout out to planet Earth — you keep me grounded. I am becoming a big fan of wind farms. Go short tree, it’s your Earth day. Pangeacakes for breakfast on Earth Day! For...

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Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was India’s 11th President and a distinguished scientist. He was affectionately known as India’s Missile Man. Kalam made substantial contributions to the Pokhran-II nuclear test, which cemented him as a national hero. He received numerous accolades...

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Albert Einstein is one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century, and he may be the most recognized scientist of all time. His most notable contribution was his seminal special theory of relativity and his famous equation, E = mc2, which argued that matter could be...

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