101 Autobiography Essays


101 Autobiography Essays – Useful for Competitive Exams and Academic Studies

by Antara Bhoi

I, 101 Autobiography Essays, am a unique book in my own right. For autobiographies, I am the only book that exists. Nevertheless, you’ll need no other book, for I promise to be the best book to practise and master the art of autobiography writing.

I comprise 101 well-researched, creatively written, and thoroughly crosschecked autobiographies from popular English grammar books, English exams at high schools and colleges, and Competitive Exams like UPSC, IELTS, Law, Banking, and Management.

You can expect correct sentence structure, flawless grammar, idiomatic phraseology, dialogues and soliloquies, and creative writing. All I want is to equip the learners with an exemplary ability to write the best autobiography on any topic asked in any English exam.

Book Details: https://www.englishwithantara.in/101-autobiography-essays/

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  • Title: 101 Autobiography Essays
  • Subtitle: Useful for Competitive Exams and Academic Studies
  • Author: Antara Bhoi
  • Published by: English with Antara
  • Language: English
  • Genre: English Academic Book
  • Book Format: Print Book
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 257
  • ISBN: 978-93-5620-768-4
  • Book Details: https://www.englishwithantara.in/101-autobiography-essays/

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