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Thank you for showing interest to submit your article to The Space Journal. We look forward for beautiful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people like you make the best of our online journal to gain readership, value and exposure for your writing pieces. Read on for all the information regarding article submissions and how the journal can help you boost your profile to an influential audience of your relevance.

Who can submit an article to The Space Journal?

You could be anyone who carries an expertise into any specific topic of space – a school student, engineering student, postgraduates and those in the early stages of their career, educationist, astronomer, professional or a veteran. If you want an exposure, reach, or thought-leadership, then consider submitting your piece.

What kind of article can be submitted?

The journal focuses on space. So obviously, your written pieces should directly or indirectly be associated to space. The journal features core categories ranging from Aeronautics, Aviation, Astronomy, Defence, Meteorology, Space Exploration and STEM education. So, your articles should fit one or more of these categories, both for the enjoyment of the readers and the fact that you want relevant people to notice you, read your article and appraise you.

Your article should be highly original, well researched, creatively written, thoroughly proofread and personally owned space themed specific article which could fit in the scope of the journal.  Submissions could include space history, SCI-FI, space fashion, futurism, etc. Your topic or idea should resonate with the target audience of the journal and should be a strong indication of your knowledge, expertise and thought leadership. Exclusive and/or contentious articles announcing new or ground-breaking discoveries are welcome. Opinion essays are also welcome. Your interesting academic project is welcome. Violent criticisms are not allowed though.

Articles would be published in a number of formats:

    • Informative Articles (600 to 800 words)
    • Special Interest Reports (600 to 800 words)
    • Comments & Opinions (600 to 800 words)

How should my article look on The Space Journal?

Your article would be published under the “Guest Submissions” category, and would feature “About Author,” author social links, and avatar.

What are the terms of article submission?

Guest Authors are fully responsible for their text, content and copyright. We reserve the right to not publish the article or remove already published article and we would assign no reason or justification for the same. We do not publish articles already published elsewhere, online or print. We do not give suggestions to improve your writing skills. We do not pay authors. Once accepted for publication, commercial rights to publication belong to us.

All guest submissions are affordable paid placements only. We do not do link exchanges but it’s a great opportunity to continue building your thought-leadership and get in front of a wonderful audience of your relevance.

What are the costs of submissions?

The current fees for the article submission and publication is INR 1200 per submission. All submissions will be kept posted for over six months. If your article is not accepted, your fees would be refunded within a week’s time.

Here’s to your submission to The Space Journal. 

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