Chandrayaan-3: The moment India’s lunar rover Pragyaan stepped out for Moonwalk


ISRO has shared new video footage that reveals the rover of Chandrayaan-3. The video captures Pragyan, the rover, leaving the lander and making its initial movements on the lunar surface. This event followed India’s historic achievement of being the first to land near the Moon’s south pole.

The Vikram lander, carrying the rover, had successfully landed as planned. The 26kg rover, known as Pragyan, gradually descended from the lander, symbolizing India’s walk on the Moon. The rover is now active on the lunar landscape, collecting crucial data and images to transmit back to Earth for analysis. Pragyan’s movement also leaves the imprint of ISRO’s logo on the Moon’s surface.

This achievement comes as the lunar day begins, providing the lander and rover approximately 14 days of sunlight to charge their batteries. Once the night falls, they will go dormant until the next lunar day. The lander holds scientific instruments to explore the Moon’s surface, both above and below, with a focus on identifying water sources. This water could potentially sustain future human habitation on the Moon, making Chandrayaan-3’s mission even more important.

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